This section is only applicable to our ESS Project Customer

16.1 The below terms and conditions are in additional to our general terms and conditions stated above (section 2-15 and 17)

16.2 For all ESS Projects, if there are any overlap to the general terms and conditions, this section will supersede the above general terms and conditions, otherwise the general terms and conditions prevail.

16.3 Stage 1: Carpark Mechanical Ventilation Analysis

a) Data Logging of individual fans must be conducted with the ventilation fans operating, to ensure the existing Carpark Mechanical System is compliant with Australian standards (AS) 1668.2.
b) Any changes or access to the mechanical ventilation system equipment during the Data Logging period must be notified to the nominated contact personnel for the project prior to access;
c) Only appointed personnel(s) are permitted to access ventilation equipment during this period;
d) Appointed personnel(s) will attend the site at least once during a period of 10 business days to collect Logging Data and update on the process;
e) During the Data Logging process, if unauthorized access and/or tampering is found, all data collected during the period will be voided and required to be re-done;
f) A call-out fee of $500 + GST will incur for the following:

i) Site callouts outside of scheduled date(s) of attendance;
ii) For each subsequent site-visit, when Logging Data is voided; and
iii) Re-logging is required.

16.4 Availability, installation and commissioning

a) On-site Commissioning/Preventative Maintenance provided by D Tech-Engineering only allows for half an hour of induction (a total for both on and off site) and two hours of an Engineer’s time on-site (unless specified in Proposal’s Equipment and Price). D Tech-Engineering is only responsible for the Products and Services provided and does not accept any accept any responsibility for inherited faults/delay/functionality issue caused by other party.

b) Any additional (not limited to) troubleshooting/repair/administrative cost may incur a callout and per hour charge. Any additional charges will be advised to the customer before commencement of work.

c) On-site parking to be provided during co-ordinated site attendance (i.e. installation, commissioning, service, etc.)

d) Additional parking fees to be applied if no on-site parking is provided.

e) Additional $95 per hour may be charged during the installation/commissioning exercises if there are other incidences which prevent these exercises to be conducted normally. This will be sought for approval before actual invoicing occurs.

f) Specialist hire (e.g. Scissor lift, etc) and its labour involved are excluded from the Quotation and are considered as additional costs. This additional cost will only be provided and applied when needed and will be initially sought for approval on the day of installation or prior.

g) BMS Technician to attend site during commissioning of proposed equipment when required.

h) D Tech-Engineering under applicable occupational health and safety guideline, may refuse to start or continue any installation if we perceive a risk.

16.5 Delivery

a) Allow 6-10 weeks to commence upon receiving of order.
b) Installation will only be performed during working hours (8:30am – 4:30pm)
c) After hours service required will be charged at $250 + GST (Callout) and $180 + GST per hour (Labour).
d) Installation Schedule will be presented to Building Manager 3 weeks upon receiving order. Building Manager has 1 week to make amendments. Upon agreeing to Installation Schedule, Building Manager is to organise for access and free up area for install. Any delay caused by non-access will be charged according to $120 + GST (Callout) and $120 +GST per hours (Labour)