17. Governing Law

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17.1 This contract shall be governed by the laws of Australia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction the

15. Termination

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a) If the Customer shall default in any of its obligations under this contract, D Tech-Engineering shall have the right

14. Cancellation

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No order may be cancelled except with consent in writing and on terms, which will indemnify D Tech-Engineering against all

13. Indemnity

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As provided in these terms and conditions, the Customer hereby releases D Tech-Engineering from all liability and indemnifies D Tech-Engineering

12. Subcontracting

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D Tech-Engineering is allowed to sub-contract to third parties any parts of the work required to complete the Scope of

10. Confidentiality

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10.1 The Customer agrees to keep the Quotation and the terms and conditions of this Contract and any information supplied

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