HOM’s Modular Building Solutions are developed with improving residents’ quality of life as the primary focus.
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HOM is developed  with improving your residents’ quality of life as the primary focus. We understand that every building has theor own unique needs, thus there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. The beauty of our modular solutions is that it allows buildings to choose from individual solutions, or combining several of them; depending on the respective building’s requirement.

We strongly believe that having good solutions is not actually enough. At the end of the day, clients like yourself are the ones financing the solutions. With this understanding, it is our mission to make our solutions affordable for you.

We also have a range of financial options available to assist our clients.

D Tech Engineering Modular Building Solutions Key Management Solution Car Space Bollard Solution

Key Management Solution

As a building owner, building manager or in-charge for the keys, our Key Management System will benefit you greatly. It brings you the perfect solution for Access Tracking and organizing of keys and small valuables.

You can use it to control the access of keys to your building.

For example, you can limit access to only 5 out of the 32 slots of keys available. Tradesmen can go onsite and gain access to the keys of your building without having the Building Manager or security issuing them with one. The Key Management software also keeps track of a log of the Key Sign-In and Out.

D Tech Engineering HOM Modular Building Solutions Key Management Solution

The benefits and advantages of using a Key Management System are:

  • Time savings
  • Labour savings
  • Cuts costs

It also provides security to access of important keys, prevents them from getting lost and stops you from incurring costly replacement of lock and key. The tracking log also increases accountability from users.

D Tech Engineering HOM Modular Building Solutions Key Management Solution open

Access Option:

  • Unique multi-identification fingerprint verification
  • RFID Access Technology
  • Individual Access PIN Code

Tracking and Organization:

  • Advanced software provided
  • Easy organization and tracking of keys
  • Fully automated

For more information or demonstration on this solution, please drop us an email with the contact form below. Our team will get in touch with you.

Car Space Bollard Solution

Have you had vehicles parked illegally in your lot? Remember the hot flush of frustration you felt when you realized very little could be done to win back your lot immediately?

Why not protect your lot (and save your precious time) with our Security Bollard Solution?

Our bollard ranges from:

  • Simple key lock, foldable
  • Remote control, foldable
  • Apps control, foldable.

Don’t let the inconsiderate action of others affect you. Take control and protect your rights and lot.



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